Nowhere Prophet

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The Game

A roguelike with a card-based combat system


An ego-transcending practice undertaken with discipline and reflection. A ritual tradition to accomplish a spiritual or worldly goal.

The Team

A small band of brave explorers

Nowhere Prophet is built by an independent team based in Germany. We are inspired by small focused games with rich and interesting worlds. We've been hard at work, with the initial prototype being created back in May 2014. Since then we've spent a lot of thought, effort and money to develop the game and its world.


Martin Nerurkar

Creative Director & Code


Anjin Anhut

Art Director


Claude Fehlen



Georg Hobmeier

Narrative Design


Steffen Reichelt


We've been disappointed by many bland fantasy or zombie-apocalypse worlds out there. So when it came to building the world of Nowhere Prophet we've tapped into our own ancestral roots: Our fictional future is heavily influenced by the culture of the indian subcontinent. Sorely underrepresented in modern games and with a rich aesthetic, it was the ideal inspiration for us.

Frequency Operator

Operators have gained the ability to receieve, send and modifity electric signals. They are both revered and feared.

The World

A journey across a hostile planet and a broken civilization


A word from ancient greek to mean wanderer.


A few ways to get in touch with us, as long as technology still works...

Social Networks

The best method to both reach out to us and to keep in touch with development.



Take a peek behind the scenes and see how we put our game together.


Press Kit

If you are interested in writing about Nowhere Prophet, please check out our Press Kit.